Apr 16, 2013
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Tips For Texting Girls in 3 Simple Steps


Text messaging has been an effective tool in communicating with other people. Compared to the time when cellular phones were not yet invented that they needed to wait for days just to be able to receive messages, now all we need to do is to just press “send”.

There are a lot of advantages that people can get from text messaging and one of them is texting girls. Text messaging has made it easier for guys to get in touch with girls they are interested in, but do they have what it takes to be able to stay in touch and start a relationship without socializing face to face?

How to start a conversation

Conversing is about two people connecting and be able to share their own opinions or comments about a topic. It may be slightly different when it comes to conversing using text messaging because first of all, the person being talked to is not physically present.

Saying “Hi”, “Hello”, or “How are you?” could start a conversation but these are not really effective in text messaging. A girl who is not that interested may reply a simple “Hi”, “Hello”, or “I’m fine” which is just like any other greeting used when you see a familiar face in the crowd and would just end that way. In texting messaging, a good conversation starter is for a guy to greet the girl and share something that the guy would want her to know or something that the guy wants to ask her.

Here are some examples:

1)   Hi there! I saw you the other day at that new place across our school. Didn’t get to say hi personally because you were with your friends. I was planning to try the food there too. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed their food and service? Is it worth it?

2)   Wow, I saw the picture of your new dog on my Facebook timeline. He’s really something. I’ve always wanted to have a dog just like yours.

3)   I think I saw you from a far a while ago at the mall, and the girl was waving at me but I did not get to say hi because I wasn’t so sure. I do not want to be rude or anything but just in case it was you, sorry for not greeting you.

These may just be white lies but these examples could start a conversation that would keep the girl interested and are way better than just starting with the simple greetings that are often used.

How to keep the conversation going

Text messaging has truly made communicating with others easier. There is really no rush in conversing using text because not being physically present would give time to think of what to say and to use the right words to keep the conversation going. But remember not to take too long when replying to text messages because no one would want to wait that long to receive a response from someone. Just answer or reply as how your normal self would when socializing with other people.

It is also not that good for a guy to keep on texting a girl all the time, remember that even when talking to people face to face, there are times when you need to keep your mouth closed and give space to the one you are conversing with.

Remember to talk about the girl, not yourself. Girls like to talk a lot and share stories with their friends or those whom they are close to, that is why a guy should allow the girl to just say even the most random things about them. Girls love it that guys are good listeners and make sure that when a girl shares her stories, the guy should accept her and to not judge her—do not say or comment that would affect their feelings or emotions, instead say something that would help her (or a simple advice) and would make her feel better; this shows that the girl would realize from the guy’s response that he cares for her.

Here is an example:

Girl: Oh my gosh, I’m the only one who failed the Math exam! I don’t think I could attend class tomorrow and to even show my face to my classmates!!!

Guy: It was just one exam, prove to your teacher and classmates that you could do better.

(Instead of saying this to the girl even when the intention of the guy is to just joke around: Hahaha it looks like someone didn’t prepare for her exam! Good luck with that!)

Remember to not say anything that would make the girl feel bad or worse because in text messaging, it is harder to tell the kind of expression that is being relayed (unless there is a need to use emoticons) unlike when it is face to face, the facial expression helps in interpreting what the message meant.

Lastly, guys should be playful when conversing with girls because it would give them the impression that this guy knows how to have fun and that he’s the kind that a girl would want to talk to and share stories with. Conversing does not end in text messaging; a best way to start building a relationship is to also converse face to face and those text messages that the guy and girl have already started would help them both be able to interact now that they are already familiar with each other.

OK, now you have got it started, how are you going to Ask Her Out Over Text?

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